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The Jackson County Animal Shelter, a collaborative endeavor between Jackson County and the City of Black River Falls, embodies a profound commitment to the welfare of animals within our community. Supported by a dedicated budget and by the Jackson County Humane Society, our shelter serves as a sanctuary for lost, unwanted, and stray companion animals. With unwavering dedication, we provide a safe haven for lost pets, offering them shelter and care until they can be joyously reunited with their families. Moreover, we extend a compassionate hand to those animals in need, diligently working to place them in loving and responsible homes where they can thrive.

Central to our mission is the promotion of responsible ownership and the protection of animal rights. We advocate for spaying and neutering to combat pet overpopulation. Through education and outreach efforts, we empower pet owners with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions, fostering a community where compassion and responsible guardianship prevail. The Jackson County Animal Shelter stands as a beacon of hope and compassion, dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of animals and building a brighter future for both pets and their human companions alike.

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